Smooth Talker Stacking Ring (Gold Filled) Size 8


Cultivating confidence and femininity -one small batch at a time. This gold ring is perfect to wear alone or add to a stack of rings.

14k gold-filled – Hypoallergenic – 1/8″ thick – Delicate and created for stacking -size 8

0.06 lb

Designed for stacking but we also love how delicate they are when worn solo.


  • hypoallergenic
  • 2.5mm smooth, flat band
  • 14k gold-filled

Jewelry Care


Gold fill is second only to solid gold in terms of quality and is the best affordable option when it comes to durability and longevity.

Our gold filled jewelry is created with an outer layer of entirely 14k gold that is pressure-bonded to the brass base metal and contains at least 5% gold by weight.  This technique is more durable than plating and vermeil and provides a longer life span for your pieces when provided with the right care. Gold fill is safe for most sensitive skin types. Please be cautious if you have an allergy to brass as our gold filled jewelry still contains this metal and your skin may have a reaction.

Gold filled jewelry often requires very low maintenance. Gold fill pieces are more durable than plating or vermeil but will still need some TLC over time. You can clean your items with a wet cloth, gentle toothbrush, and ordinary soap. Do not use rough-surfaced cleaning pads such as Scotch Brite. 

Though our gold filled pieces are durable, we still do not recommend them coming in direct contact with lotions, oils, perfumes, or ocean/pool water. This can dull your pieces and reduce their shine. We recommend your jewelry be the last thing you put on when heading out. After removing your jewelry, run a clean dry cloth over each piece to remove the day.


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